An Artist’s Movement

Persue moved to Brooklyn in 2014 searching for a clearer path for his fine art. Well respected in the international graffiti scene for both his letters and his famous street art character BunnyKitty, Persue’s illustrative approach carried over into multiple projects -- one came to him while commuting to and from his Red Hook studio.  Persue often noticed Wet Paint signs while waiting in the subway. These signs, with their bold red letters, were instantly recognizable yet often ignored as a benign part of the urban scenery. When he later realized that these signs were made specifically for the New York City subway system, it elevated them to an iconic piece of the setting where New York’s graffiti movement was born and thrived.  In his Wet Paint practice, Persue and his collaborators utilize the iconic sign as a canvas. Through their process, each sign is transformed into a collectible piece of street art and graffiti history.  Since it’s conception as a simple website release, Wet Paint has quickly grown into a traveling exhibition featuring graffiti and street artists ranging from up-and-comers to some of the most established and revered international artists. It has travelled to NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA, TOKYO, SHANGHAI and most recently at the MUSEUM OF GRAFITTI in MIAMI. As a movement it has been embraced by artists and collectors alike, as a fresh approach to a well loved genre.

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